The Cunning Little Vixen Family Workshops

Posted on Thu, 2013-04-04 10:09 by Backstage

Just completed the last Vixen family workshop with a heavy heart. It has been so refreshing to work on this piece in tandem with Lulu. I had a serious case of opera envy back in February when we were rehearsing Lulu covers and Vixen was getting on the stage. The music is just so instantly alluring and empathetic; it welcomes us all in, and even with the best intentions, we all found ourselves in Lulu cover rehearsals yearning to be consoled by the compassionate spirit of Janacek's music. So it has been a total privilige to lead family workshops for Vixen during the tour.

With the wondrous James Southall (who can play the entire opera from memory), and singers Michael Clifton-Thompson and Louise Ratcliffe, we have had a fantastic time devising activities which enable people of all ages to engage with this amazing piece. Country-dancing, Laban, singing, libretto writing and Greek Chorus work have all been successfully employed to this end. It's always an exhilarating, exhausting, stimulating hour and is a challenge I will miss.

Polly Graham, Genesis Assistant Director