Concert Parties

Welsh National Opera’s on-going series of concert parties in residential homes for the elderly, hospitals and hospices is one of our most popular and enjoyable activities.
If you have ever been to a concert party before, you will understand the power that music has to uplift, move and bring light into lives. These concerts take place throughout the year in Wales and our touring cities in the UK.

From opera to the ‘old favourites’ the concerts are full of smiles, tears and laughter. Singing lifts the soul, and as everyone begins to warm up and sing along the amazing results begin to shine. In one home for the elderly, a woman suffering from Alzheimer's disease who no longer communicates and cannot remember her own family, sang along to every song and remembered every word. For the team involved, it’s moments like this that make their involvement so precious.

Supported by the Kirby Laing Foundation.

If you are interested in booking a concert party, please contact Sammi Pepper.