Paul Bunyan - rehearsals are underway...

Posted on Mer, 2013-06-19 11:05 by Backstage

Martin’s (Director) approach to directing is very collaborative. He will give us a task, then split us into groups, send us off to come up with ideas and then we come back and show them to each other. Martin and Jem (Movement Director) would then start the debate on what could work and then refine the scene from there. It’s a very fun way of working and everybody gets a chance to contribute. It’s certainly bonding and it really relies on us working as a team. To begin, you feel self-conscious putting your ideas forward, in a “this could be a really stupid idea” kind of way. But it was made very clear that no ideas would be criticized; just explored and discussed.

Choreographing the Lumberjack Song in Act 1 was particularly knackering. I think we mimed cutting down the equivalent of all the trees in Western Europe, and then sawing them to lumber too. My back has just about recovered now.

Costume fittings took place over the week as well. The Swedish lumberjacks have been issued with Swedish football shirts and a lot of tweed has been distributed amongst the old trees. I can’t wait to see the completed costumes for Fido, Moppet and Poppet (the animals that reside at Paul’s camp). I think they might steal the show.

The opera ends with a rather haunting Litany, as Paul moves on to pastures new and the community that has been so carefully crafted by him disbands. It’s beautiful and powerful, and I can imagine that a full stage of voices singing is going to be a spine tingling experience. Come witness it for yourself. August is not too far away now…

Dafydd Weeks (Singer in the Lumberjack Chorus)

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