Paul Bunyan - Lumberjack chorus

Posted on Llun, 2013-07-15 14:16 by Backstage

Back at the Wales Millennium Centre for another weekend of rehearsal and this one was going to be a good one. We were going to have our first listen to the recording of Stephen Fry as Paul Bunyan and we had Only Boys Aloud joining us on Sunday. Exciting times!

We started by developing ideas for the Food Chorus. In the story, the camp has been set up for a good couple of years, yet the lumberjacks have had nothing to eat but the same soup and beans every day. Naturally, they’re all a little miffed about it. By the end of the session, we were all throwing our crockery and stamping on the dinner table.

We ended the weekend by working with Only Boys Aloud. First off, we introduced ourselves to each other (which took a very long time because there’s loads of them!) and then we tackled the choreography for the Lumberjack Chorus. Lots of chopping trees and counting rhythms ensued and I can only hope it looked as if we were all in sync from out front. We then had a chance to sing the Litany together, which is still one of my favourite bits of the show. Hearing it sung by so many of us was spine tingling.

The next time we meet will be the start of our month long rehearsal running up to the show. It’ll be long, tiring and nerve-wracking and I cannot wait.