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Friday, February 13, 2015 - Friday, April 10, 2015

Every now and then we need a night at the theatre that just makes us smile. Warm, fun and witty, Mozart's The Magic Flute does just that.

Director Dominic Cooke presents a bold production that combines Mozart's sublime music with surreal staging featuring an angry lobster, a newspaper reading lion and a fish doubling as a bicycle. A rich mix of comedy, pantomime, philosophy and religion, on a breathtaking Magritte-inspired set design, The Magic Flute is an irrepressibly entertaining evening.

Mozart's most famous opera is a story of young people finding their place in the world, working out for themselves what is true and what is false, what is right and what is quite wrong. It's a journey through darkness into the light.

Suitable for all the family, The Magic Flute is the perfect introduction to opera, with moments of total enchantment and music that will remain in the memory forever. Come and witness this unforgettable experience.

  • Running time approximately two hours and 50 minutes including one interval
  • Sung in English with surtitles in English and Welsh
  • Suitable for ages 8 and over



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Conductors Lothar Koenigs (13 Feb - 10 Apr) 
Director Dominic Cooke
Set Designer Julian Crouch 
Costume Designer Kevin Pollard
Lighting Designer Chris Davey
Movement Director Sue Lefton

Tamino Allan Clayton (13-20 Feb, 5, 12, 13, 19, 26 & 27 Mar, 9-10 Apr) / Benjamin Hulett (26-28 Feb, 6 & 20 Mar, 1-2 Apr)
Pamina Sophie Bevan (13-20 Feb, 5, 12, 13, 19 & 26 Mar, 9-10 Apr) / Anita Watson (26-28 Feb, 6, 20 & 27 Mar, 1-2 Apr)
Papageno Jacques Imbrailo (ex 12 & 13 March) / Daniel Grice (12 & 13 March)
Sarastro Scott Wilde 
Speaker Ashley Holland 
Queen of the Night Samantha Hay
First Lady Camilla Roberts
Second Lady Máire Flavin
Third Lady Emma Carrington

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Act One

Tamino is pursued by a monster. As he loses consciousness, he is rescued
by three Ladies, servants of the Queen of the Night. Papageno, a bird-catcher, claims to have killed the monster himself, and is punished by the three Ladies. They give Tamino a portrait of Pamina, the Queen of the Night’s daughter, and he falls in love with her.

The Ladies tell Tamino that Pamina was abducted by an evil man, Sarastro, leader of a priestly cult. The Queen of the Night laments the loss of her daughter and urges Tamino to rescue her. He will be accompanied on this mission by Papageno and the Ladies give them a magic flute and a set of magic bells to protect them. Three Boys will guide them on their way.

Inside Sarastro’s stronghold, Pamina attempts to escape from her lecherous guard, Monostatos. He is frightened off by the unexpected appearance of Papageno, who tells Pamina about Tamino’s quest to find her and about his own loneliness. Together they go in search of Tamino.

The three Boys lead Tamino to the temples of Reason, Nature and Wisdom. Voices forbid him to enter by the first two entrances and, when he reaches the third, he encounters the Speaker, Sarastro’s deputy. He is advised to think differently about Sarastro and discovers that Pamina is still alive.

Tamino plays his magic flute, which enchants the wild animals. Hearing the flute, Pamina and Papageno attempt to follow the sound but are caught by Monostatos and his men. Papageno distracts them by playing his magic bells. Sarastro and his followers gather and Pamina explains what has happened to her. Monostatos presents his most recent captive, Tamino, expecting a reward. Sarastro, however, orders him to be punished and invites Tamino to become an initiate of the brotherhood. As Tamino and Pamina see each other for the first time, they are abruptly separated.


Act Two

Sarstro convinces his followers that Tamino is a suitable candidate for the brotherhood and tells them that Pamina has been chosen to be his partner: together they will secure a future free of evil. Tamino and Papageno are blindfolded and led away to undergo a series of trials, the first of which is to remain silent. Sarastro prays for them to be given the courage they will need. The three Ladies attempt to distract them into breaking their vow, but without success.

Monostatos again attempts to attack Pamina but her mother, the Queen of the Night, intervenes. She forces a dagger on her daughter and orders her to kill Sarastro. Monostatos witnesses this encounter and threatens to betray Pamina if she will not give herself to him. He is discovered and banished by Sarastro, who counsels and comforts Pamina.

Tamino and Papageno are still bound to silence. Papageno breaks his vow when he is accosted by an old woman who claims to be his girlfriend. The three Boys bring them food and drink and return the magic instruments. Tamino plays his flute and is heard by Pamina, who comes to find him. She is heartbroken when he refuses to speak to her.

Sarastro commends Tamino for his steadfastness but tells him that, although he will be permitted to see Pamina again, it may be for the last time. The two lovers are joyfully reunited, only to be separated once more. Papageno is told that he will be denied admission to the brotherhood but is given the chance to see the old woman momentarily transformed into a glorious creature, his very own Papagena.

In despair, Pamina attempts to kill herself but is prevented by the three Boys, who persuade her that Tamino really loves her. Pamina and Tamino undergo the final trials of fire and water together. Protected by the magic flute, they emerge triumphant.

Papageno has lost his Papagena and cannot contemplate life without her. The Boys remind him of his magic bells and, when he plays them, she appears.

The Queen of the Night, Monostatos and the three Ladies mount an attack on Sarastro but are discovered and defeated. All join in praise of Tamino and Pamina, and celebrate the triumph of beauty, wisdom and light.

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Pre-performance Concert

This short concert is the perfect curtain raiser to the main performance.

Main Foyer, WMC, 20 February 6.15pm

Pre-performance Talk

Pre-performance talks are free and can be booked at the same time you book your opera tickets.

Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff
Friday 13, Friday 20, Wednesday 26 & Saturday 28 February 6.15pm; Sunday 15 February 3pm

Birmingham Hippodrome
Thursday 5 & Friday 6 March 6.15pm

Venue Cymru, Llandudno
Thursday 12 & Friday 13 March 3pm & 5.45pm

Milton Keynes Theatre
Thursday 19 & Friday 20 March 5.45pm

Mayflower Theatre, Southampton
Thursday 26 & Friday 27 March 5.45pm

Bristol Hippodrome
Thursday 9 & Friday 10 April 5.45pm

Audio Description

Audio description and touch tours are free - book your place on our touch tour and your headset when booking your opera tickets.

Spring 2015

Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff
The Magic Flute Friday 20 February 6pm

Birmingham Hippodrome
The Magic Flute Friday 6 March 6pm

Venue Cymru, Llandudno
The Magic Flute Friday 13 March 6pm

Milton Keynes Theatre
The Magic Flute Friday 20 March 6pm

Bristol Hippodrome
The Magic Flute Friday 10 April 6pm

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