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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

We are delighted to present Music Theatre Wales’ production which won the 2011 TMA Theatre Award for Outstanding Achievement in Opera. MTW’s Greek is widely regarded as the definitive production of one of the key British operas of the last 30 years.Greek is a visceral operatic adaptation of Steven Berkoff’s updating of the Oedipus myth. 


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Conductor Michael Rafferty
Director Michael McCarthy
Designer Simon Banham
Lighting Designer Ace McCarron

Cast includes
Eddy Marcus Farnsworth
Eddy’s Mum/Waitress/Sphinx Sally Silver
Eddy’s Sister/Waitress who becomes Eddy’s Wife/Sphinx Louise Winter
Eddy’s Dad/Café Manager/Chief of Police Gwion Thomas

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Eddy describes his origins and fantasises about a more glamorous lifestyle.

Dad tells of the gipsy prophecy that Eddy’s father will die a violent death and Eddy will ‘bunk up with his Mum’. Eddy leaves home.

The country sinks into anarchy and a plague spreads.

A police riot ensues. Eddy provokes the police chief and is knocked to the ground. He takes refuge in a café.

Angered at the lack of service, Eddy kicks the café manager to death, then promises to take care of the bereaved waitress.

She tells Eddy of her infant son, lost in a boating accident: only his teddy bear was found. Eddy has dreamed of such a toy. Deciding they must be fated to love each other they go off to bed together.

Mum and Dad discuss the prophecy: ought they to have told Eddy their secret?

Ten years have passed and Eddy and his wife have prospered.

On a visit to the café, Mum and Dad tell of the continuing plague and of the Sphinx who kills all who cannot answer her riddle. Eddy resolves to sort out the situation.

He solves the riddle and kills the Sphinx.

Eddy returns in triumph. As he and his wife joke about the gipsy’s curse, Dad and Mum drop the bombshell that he is not really their son – they had rescued him from the sea as a child and kept him.

Eddy realizes that he has married his mother. It is he, not the Sphinx, who has caused the plague.

Must Eddy and his wife fulfil the myth which demands that he blind himself and that she should commit suicide?