The WNO Orchestra is a permanent full time ensemble of 55 musicians. The Orchestra plays the music for each opera. Their work isn’t just confined to the pit however, the Orchestra regularly give concerts.

Their concert work includes three a year as part of Cardiff’s International Concert Series. They perform a varied range of music at these concerts programmed by Music Director, Lothar Koenigs. The music may be less familiar than the popular classics. However through their conviction and passion, the orchestra prove that it is no less beautiful or affecting. They believe in this music and want to share it with audiences.

The Orchestra have also given concerts across the UK and regularly perform at major international festivals and have even played for the BBC’s Strictly Coming Dancing stars Anton du Beke and Erin Boag when they have performed their own show.


David Adams

First Violin

David Adams
Lowri Porter
Martin Kegelmann
Robert Tonkin
Susan Plessner
Peter Lilley
Emma Menzies
Sarah Thornett
Maia Broido

Second Violin

Donald McNaught
Ann Jones
Marilyn Shewring
Emma Waller
Antony Tarlton
Steven Crichlow
Rebecca Totterdell


Philip Heyman
Cedric David
Barry Friend
Stephen Lloyd
Louise Brodrick


Rosie Biss
Christopher Hodges
Arthur Davies
Simon Davison
Alexandra Robinson

Double Bass

Tyler Shepherd
Mikeal Price
Mary Condliffe


Jonathan Burgess
John Hall


Catriona MacKinnon


Leslie Craven
Daniel Rye


Stephen Marsden
Christopher Vale


Angus West
Donald Clist
James Mildred


Dean Wright
Martin McHale


Roger Cutts
John Hendy

Bass Trombone

Alan Swain


Patrick King