'In the spring, we are "Spellbound" by the magic of Mozart and The Magic Flute, and the wonderful luscious chocolate cake that is Humperdink’s score for Hansel & Gretel. We also create a new version of Chorus! – the performance in which our justly famous chorus takes centre stage. The conflict between the mass and the individual is the theme, and the brave woman who confronts our massed singers is the wonderful star, Lesley Garrett.'

David Pountney, Chief Executive and Artistic Director

  • WNO Orchestra at St David's Hall


    16 January

    Four classics explore the themes of desire, temptation and threat.

    1 City

  • Chorus!

    New Production

    7 February - 8 April

    Opera's greatest moments

    7 Cities

  • The Magic Flute


    13 February - 10 April

    Every now and then we need a night at the theatre that just makes us smile. Warm, fun and witty, Mozart's The Magic Flute does just that.

    7 Cities

  • Hansel & Gretel


    21 February - 11 April

    This deliciously dark interpretation of the well-loved fairy tale will be devoured by anyone with a wicked sense of fun and fantasy. Richard Jones revels in the nightmarish aspects of the story.

    7 Cities