Technical Director Jan Michaelis
Technical Office Administrator Ruth Lepper
Head of Production Robert Pagett
Technical Manager David Flinn
Production Manager TBC
Health and Safety Supervisor Liz Walker
WNO/WMC Technical Apprentices Carly EvansKeiron Thomas 
Head of Costume Siân Price
Men's Cutter Jane Williams
Ladies' Cutter Denise Heywood
Milliners Sue Crowle, Sadie Highgate 
Head Tailor Veronica Peterson
Senior Costume Maker Michelle Sweeney
Costume Makers Sarah King, Callan Matthews, Clementine Greenley, Jacqueline Sewry, Eva Ott
Head of Props Andy John
Prop Technicians Barbara Leith, Torben Schacht
Head of Lighting and Sound Ian Jones
Chief Electrician Paul Woodfield
Deputy Chief Electrician Benjamin Naylor
Electricians Steven Bartlett, Adam Samson
Stage Manager Julia Carson Sims
Deputy Stage Managers Julian Johnson, Katie Heath-Jones, Jenni Price
Assistant Stage Managers Suzie Erith, Sava Bell, Christos Cailleux
Master Carpenter John Hayel
Deputy Master Carpenter Constandinous Micallef
Assistant Master Carpenters Robert Ball, John Stewart
Head Flyman John Riemer
Senior Flyman Robert Andrews
Senior Wingmen Stephen Bellamy,Mashallah Hayel  
Wingmen Steve Harris, Rodney McConnell, Dean Marshall
Assistant Wingmen Leigh Covill, Michael Lloyd, Leon Macauley
Property Master Chris Macauley
Loaders Mark Edwards, Anthony Cox
Lead HGV Driver Hedd Owen Rees
HGV Driver Michael Purse
Touring Wardrobe Manager Judith Russell
Touring Wardrobe Assistants Bethan Kelly, Stevie Gould, Meryl Herbert
Head of Wigs and Make-up Siân McCabe
Deputy Head of Wigs and Make-up Tigy Tucker, Rhiannon Llewellyn (maternity cover)
Wigs and Make-up Assistant Michael Sylvester, Leanne Wright