Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff

  • Nabucco

    Giuseppe Verdi

    New Production

    31 May - 21 June

    Nabucco is the operatic equivalent of a 1950s biblical Hollywood epic with its rousing, soaring score. Nabucco will send you home humming the tunes and tapping your feet for days to come.

    2 Cities

  • Audio Description

    WNO Extra

    8 June - 21 June

    Audio Description creates vivid spoken images for blind and partially sighted audiences members, allowing them to capture fully the visual aspects of a performance. This is relayed through an easy to use and lightweight headset worn by the listener.

  • The Fall of the House of Usher

    New Production

    13 June - 20 June

    Dare you enter the House of Usher? It’s a dark, mysterious place, seemingly with a mind of its own.

    2 Cities

  • William Tell


    New Production

    12 September - 29 November

    We all know the story about the apple, that the overture was the theme tune for the Lone Ranger and that Rossini was a comic genius. But there is much more to William Tell than any of this would suggest.

    6 Cities

  • Carmen


    19 September - 27 November

    Why is Carmen one of the best loved of all operas? Is it the music which has become embedded into popular culture and consciousness? Is it Carmen herself, hard to like but impossible not to fall in love with or the entire cast of characters who surround her?

    8 Cities