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  • Free Pre-Performance Talks

    WNO Extra

    25 April - 20 June

    These 30-minute talks give you an expert introduction to each opera. You'll be provided with everything you need to enjoy your evening. 

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  • Moses und Aron


    New Production

    24 May - 18 June

    It is impossible not to listen to Schoenberg’s ‘fragmentary masterpiece’ and not be stunned by his achievement. Moses und Aron reaches to the outer limits of what opera was capable of in the last century.

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  • Post-show discussions

    WNO Extra

    30 May - 20 June

    There are some operatic experiences you just need to talk about. This short discussion will give you the opportunity to share your thoughts on the production just after the curtain has fallen. Simply turn up after the performance.

  • Nabucco

    Giuseppe Verdi

    New Production

    31 May - 21 June

    Nabucco is the operatic equivalent of a 1950s biblical Hollywood epic with its rousing, soaring score. Nabucco will send you home humming the tunes and tapping your feet for days to come.

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  • Is there room in Britishness for cultural difference?

    2 June

    In this debate leading social commentators consider whether multiple cultures and religions can exist side by side in modern day Britain.

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