David Pountney on the Wagner Dream themed season | Welsh National Opera

David Pountney on the Wagner Dream themed season

4 Mehefin 2013

David Pountney has given an interview in which he discusses why he paired two very different operas, Wagner’s Lohengrin and Jonathan Harvey’s Wagner Dream, for WNO’s summer season. David explains that Wagner Dream provided an opportunity for “a stimulating experience for an audience to experiment with a new piece on the back of seeing Lohengrin”. David also explains that the idea of transcendence was common to both operas: “In Lohengrin you find Wagner, for the first time I think, trying to find a musical language for a kind of transcendental state… music of transcendence is something that Jonathan Harvey spent a whole lifetime trying to find through his Buddhism and his profound interest in after-life experience”.

David has also discussed why he has introduced themed seasons, saying that “an opera company should be a source of intellectual discourse within the society in which it operates...if we’re going to go to all the effort and expense of having an opera company, it should be putting out material into society which is a stimulating subject of discourse.”

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