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Moses und Aron gallery

'The stars of the evening - as so often in Cardiff - are Welsh National Opera's Orchestra and Chorus. Conducted with meticulous clarity by the unsinkable Lothar Köenigs, they perform with immaculate musicianship' **** The Telegraph

Imagine you’ve been told the most important thing man has ever been told. What you have been told will change the world and save mankind. You must now share what you have heard, you are God’s spokesperson on earth. Imagine, however, that you are overcome with despair that you find yourself unable to find the right words to communicate God’s will. This is Moses’ tragedy in Moses und Aron.

It is impossible to listen to Schoenberg’s ‘fragmentary masterpiece’ and not be stunned by his achievement. Moses und Aron reaches to the outer limits of what opera was capable of in the last century. It’s a sound so unique, so urgent that you might be forgiven for thinking that it has come down from heaven itself.

Welsh National Opera is proud to stage this rarely performed opera in Sergio Morabito and Jossi Wieler’s highly charged production. Moses und Aron is a huge undertaking for both performers and audiences but the rewards will be extraordinary.

Supported by the Colwinston Charitable Trust and The John S Cohen Foundation.

Photos by Bill Cooper