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"A colossal subject, illuminated by two colossal works at the opposite ends of the operatic spectrum

Nabucco was one of Verdi’s earliest “hits”, and the world-wide recognition rate of the famous chorus 'Va, pensiero' would dwarf anything written by the Beatles! It is at the same time a drama of exile, of the power of God whose “moving finger” writes with such lethal authority, and a telling psychological study of a dysfunctional family in which, as so often in Verdi, a father/daughter relationship powers its central human conflict.

Moses und Aron stands as one of the mightiest musical statements of the 20th Century, Schoenberg wrestling with the existence of God, along with his own musical and religious identity."

David Pountney

Moses und Aron is supported by the Colwinston Charitable Trust and The John S Cohen Foundation.

Nabucco is supported by the Colwinston Charitable Trust, WNO Partnership and the Nabucco Circle.