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Just to let you know that this page is no longer being updated as this event is now in the past.

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Friday, April 25, 2014


Music Director Lothar Koenigs and the WNO Orchestra want to share some extraordinary music with you. This music may be less familiar than the popular classics. However, through their conviction and passion, the orchestra prove that it is no less moving or exhilarating. Lothar and the orchestra believe deeply in this music. By spending a couple of hours with them at St David’s Hall, you will too.

Our concert this April presents two personal but epic statements of faith by two deeply religious composers. Passionate and heart-felt, you will be moved by these testaments to belief.


Stirring and atmospheric, this piece paints a hundred pictures in the mind. Gliding from euphoric strains to savage crescendos, this music will capture your imagination.

Symphony No 8

Is this the greatest symphony by a composer after Beethoven? Immense and uplifting, Bruckner’s 8th is one of the most thrilling experiences in Western music.

Conductor Lothar Koenigs

WNO's concerts as part of the International Concert Series are supported by the WNO Orchestra Circle.

Listen to Sophie Rashbrook's Guide to Bruckner's Symphony No 8.

Who was Bruckner?


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Conductor Lothar Koenigs

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Level 5, St David’s Hall - 6.15pm WNO’s Nicholas John Trainee Dramaturg, Sophie Rashbrook will give a free 30-minute talk, to give you an expert introduction to the concert.

Listen to Sophie Rashbrook's Guide to Bruckner's Symphony No 8.

Who was Bruckner?