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Let us INSPIRE you

It takes extraordinary levels of vision, energy, co-ordination and collaboration to succeed in putting on internationally acclaimed, full-scale operas that tour around the UK and abroad. We are home to some of the most talented and creative people in the United Kingdom. We offer a range of training and teamwork courses specifically for businesses, designed to harness our skills to the benefit of your workplace.

Below are just some of the ways we can work with you to create real and lasting change within your company. Get in touch to discuss a bespoke solution for your business.

Workshops and team-building with WNO - Ignite confidence and imagination

Presenting with Impact
At Welsh National Opera we know how to connect with our audience and create an impact. Learn proven performance techniques from a professional singer and vocal coach and gain the power to transform your presentations.

'This is a really different approach. I was amazed at the results seen visibly in just one day. I think that it was the different perspective and calibre of the performer that made this course special.' Andrew Valerio – Director, Welsh Contact Centre Forum.

For further information please refer to the documents below.

Percussion workshop
An opera production is the result of one of the most complex examples of teamwork in the world. From conception to performance, each cog is part of a magnificently smooth machine, whilst retaining the spontaneity, creativity and flexibility that makes us internationally renowned. Our one hour percussion workshop provides a team-building opportunity that transfers this ethos with infectious fun.

Infuse creativity into your workplace  

Workplace Choirs
Singing is proven to have physical and mental benefits in the workplace. It encourages positive team working, develops communication skills, stimulates ideas, promotes confidence and lowers stress levels. We welcome you into our opera family as you work towards a special performance guided by expertise from one of the world’s best-loved opera companies.

'Singing brings people together. It’s a team effort where everyone is equal, working together for a common goal. I’ve seen people improve their listening skills, increase their peripheral vision and get better at thinking ahead. It lifts people’s moods and makes them feel physically better.' Ruth Evans - Youth & Community Producer, WNO

Team away days
Stimulate real creativity, strategic thinking and collaboration in your team with one of the world’s most renowned creative production houses. Each team away day is tailored to your business and strategic needs. Take time out of the office to connect, see things in a different way and be inspired.

Inspirational talks
Whether you’re listening to the Artistic Director, a Chorus member, prop-maker, or wig stylist, WNO’s company members are talented, creative and energetic. As part of an incredibly complex inter-disciplinary team they achieve the challenge of putting on up to eight world-class operas a year in a consistently challenging financial environment. WNO has stood the test of time and remains relevant, buoyant and youthful in its mindset and ambition. Why not organise an inspiring talk from us at your office, event or team away day and see how it can inspire you to see your own business in a new light?

Got an idea?
If you have an idea for your staff that you’d like to discuss, we want to hear it. From bespoke training and team-building packages over the year to getting your staff performing, we have the creativity to help you realise your ambitions.

Just Add You…
To explore the ways in which WNO can inspire your staff please contact

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