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Meet the Company

Everyone at WNO does what they do because we love what we do and want to share it with as many people as possible. A huge team effort and a rich mix of skills and expertise is required to make great performances happen. In the theatre, choristers, orchestra players, music staff, technicians and directors make the show happen. Behind the scenes costume and prop makers and set builders realise designs to create what you see on stage. All of this work is supported by a team of administrators who make sure we can do what we do on stage.

We’re all passionate about opera because we’ve all experienced its unique power. There’s nothing else like opera. As one company member puts it ‘Opera is the world...set to beautiful music’.

It’s our job to explore that world with you.

'The best thing about working for WNO is working every day with a huge number of incredibly diversely talented people who are all totally committed to playing their part in making great theatre.' Jasey Hall, Bass WNO Chorus