Could you design a set for Madam Butterfly? | Welsh National Opera

Could you design a set for Madam Butterfly?

17 June 2016

Before even a single note is sung, there’s a lot to prepare to bring an opera to the stage. A new production can be years in development, from initial concept through design, build, costume fittings, rehearsals and finally opening night. 

If you’ve got a flair for design, we’re running a competition together with Creative and Cultural Skills to find students to design an imagined set for one of our favourites, Madam Butterfly, which we’ll be performing as part of our Spring Season in six different venues across England and Wales.

A designer is usually asked to produce a model of the set no later than six months before opening night – and there’s plenty to consider. As well as looking incredible, our sets have to survive the wear and tear of performance, fit on up to eight different stages and be versatile enough to be quickly packed into the back of a van (or three!).

Shortlisted entries will be displayed at Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff, on the opening of Madam Butterfly in Spring 2017, and winners will receive tickets to a production in their nearest venue. Not only that, but there’s a week’s worth of behind-the-scenes experience at Welsh National Opera up for grabs too.

This competition is open to all National Skills Academy education members. Colleges must express an interest in participating by emailing CC Skills. 


Photo credit Brain Tarr