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Director Sergio Morabito on Moses und Aron

9 April 2014

Want to know what the Director Sergio Morabito has to say about his new production of Schoenberg’s Moses und Aron? Read Sergio’s thoughts below.

'This is a wonderful, challenging and special opera and a great opportunity to develop this production. I have been working with (co-director) Jossi Wieler for over twenty years – in a way, we feel like Moses und Aron!'

'It’s important to acknowledge that this is not a retelling of the second book of Moses. Act One is set in a parliament space. The audience feels strange and exposed within this space – the Hebrews are fearful.'

'In Act Two, the Parliament transforms into a movie theatre and the audience becomes more affected by what they are seeing. They are mesmerised by the images Aron is showing them. For me, Moses und Aron is a very precious opera and an important piece of music theatre'

This is the first time Moses und Aron will be performed in the UK since 1976.

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