RESEO | Welsh National Opera

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For over 15 years, RESEO has been the unique European network for education, participation and creative learning in opera and dance. From large opera organisations to small companies, our members are driven by the desire to widen access, awaken curiosity, and create a connection with opera and dance for everyone!

Spread across 20 countries in Europe and beyond, RESEO’s members form a diverse yet coherent network, experimenting with new concepts, sharing ideas, learning and working together. The network supports them in their overarching aim to firmly anchor opera into their local contexts and enhance their communities’ sense of ownership. A catalyst for development in the sector, RESEO creates a unique European working space, providing tools such as thematic conferences, invitations to innovative projects, specialist trainings, promotion of opera for children, research studies and publications.

Welsh National Opera is a member of the Steering Committee for RESEO.