Wagner Dream | Welsh National Opera

Wagner Dream

"With our new production of Wagner ’s Lohengrin we pay tribute, in his anniversary year, to one of the most inspiring,controversial and significant figures of our European culture.

Wagner’s restless creative energy provoked him constantly to challenge the boundaries of musical, theatrical and spiritual possibility. Lohengrin already hints at the path that would lead him to Parsifal, and beyond that, to a vision of the Buddha which he did not live to compose.

This is the cue for Jonathan Harvey’s astonishing work, Wagner Dream which takes as its starting point Wagner’s preoccupation, in his dying days in Venice, with the Buddha, and the idea of renouncing the world and embracing a spiritual reality. Harvey, himself a Buddhist, has created an awe-inspiring score of great beauty and power, using primarily electronic means to evoke the scale and power of Wagner’s soundworld."

David Pountney